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   Sister Inspiring Sisters   - Publisher, Author, Writer, Poet
When asked about the beginning of her writing career, Barbara J. Sorey-Love aka Judy, reflects to her early child hood. She remembers sitting to the kitchen table at five years old writing letters to her Great Aunts and Grandmother as they were being dictated by her mother. Composing weekly grocery lists were also her responsibility. If words were difficult to spell her mother tore off the labels and gave them to use as cue cards. As a teen, she served in the capacity of Sunday School Secretary in Mt. Olive AME Church, Clearwater. As her life experiences changed writing became a distant memory.

In 1999 she found herself at a personal and professional stand still questioning her worth. She prayed and asked the Lord to reveal in her what she could do to improve her self esteem and inspire others. Writing was His answer.Six years later she self published her 1st book "Know Where You Going? You Gotta Know Where You Been!" (iUniverse, 2005). Other books by the Author include "Florida Girl-Short Stories of Family, Community and History" (iUniverse,2007),  CHRISTINE WIGFALL MORRIS,Stories of Family, Community & History" (Publish America, 2010),"Volcanic Explosion" (Publish America, 2011) & "Conversations in the Key of Me - JUST KEEPING IT REAL (Publish America, 2012).

January 18, 2012 she created and published S.I.S.T.E.R.S. Newsletter, a monthly publication designed to inspire, inform and educate women.

In 2013 she married Richard A. Love, Publisher of Long Beach Times Newspaper, a 28 year old newsprint in Long Beach, California. After her husbands' health issues, she was elevated into the role of Publisher for the long running publication.

July 2015 found the prolific Author publishing the St. Pete Bulletin Newspaper in St. Petersburg, Florida, a newspaper her husband started in 2012. As of this update both newspapers are printing and distributing weekly to readers in their prospective states.

As for the publishing future of Barbara J. Sorey-Love, there are no limits to what she will accomplish. To God be the Glory!

Deutoronomy 6:6-9.
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