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Write and Publish Your Stories My People!
In More Ways Than One We Are Blessed in 2015
2-0-1-5, JANUARY ONE
Taking a Leap of Faith in 2015!
Are You Still Angry, Seething and Pointing Fingers?


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Write and Publish Your Stories My People!

Participating in the 15th Anniversary of Tampa Bay's Black Heritage Festival in Authors Village was an overwhelming opportunity! African Americans are searching for answers on who they are as a people and many have no idea on how to start researching their genealogical roots. Many times I was asked how did I discover my family roots.

I shared how I remembered stories mostly my Mother and Uncles told me about our families, both paternal and maternal. What I've managed to remember has been written in my memoirs Know Where You Going?

In More Ways Than One We Are Blessed in 2015

Time IS the elusive butterfly! If you're like me as fast as one task is completed on your to do list, three or more items are added. A quick review of my TDL tells me I'm blessed to received the gifts of Gods' promises. In case you don't realize it blessings are not only tangible but intangible as well. We often think that having money is the only thing we need in order to make it in this world however blessings come in the form of reasonably good health, positive relationships, food, clothing, shelter and peace of mind. Sometimes I've become so overwhelmed counting blessings I've had to slow my roll, say "Thank You Lord" for everything and catch my breath. So as this 2015 year barrels ahead and before you begin to complain just know if you're reading this blog post you are blessed in more ways than one. Begin the count...!

2-0-1-5, JANUARY ONE

What were your thoughts and feelings when you woke up this morning? Were you hung over after a night of partying? 

Eventhough we'd like to think January 1 will bring about new, improved changes and habits in the new year the truth is change may be good on the paper it's written on but in all actuality it is hard for many.

For the person who has decided to give up drinking or over indulging in sweets today is not going to be the save all. You probably have meatballs and potato salad left over from last nights party or a cabinet full of liquor to tempt you to take one more drink.

Taking a Leap of Faith in 2015!

Happy New Year 2015!  Wow! Can you believe it? Consider yourself BLESSED to be standing and breathing among the land of the numerous! If you're reading this blog you are honored because you've been given another chance to make a difference in your life that will effect your outcome or other individuals in a positive and effectual way. Perhaps you've wanted to volunteer time at a community organization, go back to school, start a business, take the long awaited vacation to historical sites or write a book, your decision to move forward is NOW!  Walk, run or leap into 2015 with a desire to take charge and move into the person God wants you to become. Thoughts control action. If your mind thinks you can, then you can! Make a contract with yourself to rid old habits that lead to destruction or apathy. Write down your goals and check them off one by one as they are accomplished. You won't regret stepping outside of your box or comfort zone. You may stumble but pick yourself up and know you are working towards progress. Include prayer in your process. Pray for patience and perseverance. Change your circle of friends if they can't or don't encourage you to follow your vision. Taking a leap of Faith in 2015 requires acting out your belief for " Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" (Hebrew 11:1).

Are You Still Angry, Seething and Pointing Fingers?

After the call for Churches to stand up and be heard because "Black Life Matters" on Sunday, December 15 and  massive demonstrations in  New York, Washington D.C. and other cities some are still angry, seething and pointing fingers. 
I see from my face book news feed some choose to focus on posting pictures of police brutality and because their audience isn't moving as fast as they think, or in their direction they're getting angrier with each post. My suggestion is to start a one person demonstration if others aren't moving to your drum roll.

Are You Walking by Faith or Blowing Smoke?

I'm going to be as positive as I can in this post but (my first negative) I'm compelled to write what I'm feeling...

A lot of us quote Scriptures, we know all the appropriate verses to say for any situations, can name all books of the Bible and are in church every Sunday. This is all good but my question to you is  "Do you know what it really means to walk by Faith and not by sight?''

Are we letting our lights shine so others may see or are we putting on blinders?

A Plea to My Beautiful Black Folk

Here we are again observing Black History Month! I suppose I should be excited because I'm Black and I do my best to be socially aware BUT the truth is, I'm disappointed. Why you ask? I perceive that we black folk don't think our history is important enough to write about. Now they tell me if something is perceived then it's probably true, at least to the person perceiving.
I was honored to participate in the Black History program at Safety Harbor
Museum in Safety Harbor, Florida.

Motivational Moment

Change begins in the mind.
We have to change our thought processes in order to be and do better! Sometimes we walk around choked up on the inside not wanting to build relationships outside of our comfort zone. Truth is we miss out on opportunities to grow and share. As a Christian always go back to the example of Jesus and His 12 disciples. He chose men of differing intellects and professions, they went about their daily do spreading the word of good news. So it is the same with us. We have to step outside of our "small circle" in order to grow and become the best of what God has in store for us! So Miss, Ms or Mrs. Beautiful release your inner fears and be about the business of letting your light shine so others may see your good works and Glorify Him who created YOU! Love ya'll!

I Am a Product of My Historical Environment

When asked by someone who didn't grow up with me if I'm a Florida native, of course my answer is always yes. But to be more descriptive and detailed I add " I was born in the basement of Morton F. Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida."  This statement always brings questions. "What do you mean by "born in the basement?" Answering gives me an opportunity to share the history of being a black female born in 1952 during an era in America where being 'colored' as we were referred to then meant your status was 'second class'.

Affordable Health Care Insurance - I Am Covered! - My Experience

In 2007 I found myself  shopping for medical insurance but was not able to get coverage because I'd been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer in 2000. A"pre existing condition" existed. No underwriter would cover me until I was 10 years cancer free. My choices for insurance included purchasing COBRA at $586.00 per month or find a fulltime position which offered healthcare benefits for 1/3 of the cost. Fortunately I was able to become employed fulltime with a company providing health care insurance benefits.
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